Probate Finder OnDemand®: Expectation vs. Reality, Part 2

Exposing the behind-the-scenes value of Probate Finder OnDemand®.

When we talk about Probate Finder OnDemand® we often focus on the proprietary Probate Finder® technology powering our probated estate location and claim presentation solution. And rightfully so, as there is no comparable product on the market. To stop there doesn’t do justice in highlighting the full picture. The application may be the star, but now it’s time to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the equally impressive supporting cast.

Here are two more expectations of Probate Finder OnDemand often grounded by reality.


“Building a dedicated internal collections team and process solely focused on estates will be easy.”


While additional resources are always helpful, simply adding more employees alone would not replace the knowledge and experience our team has gathered over more than 20 years in probated estate data sourcing and claim presentation. The team that works behind the scenes to locate probated estates and present claims are among the most tenured within our company.

The accompanying proprietary technology was developed by a dedicated team who works closely alongside Probate Finder OnDemand’s Customer Care Team. For our clients, this means that the ever-evolving solutions and enhancements released by Probate Finder OnDemand come from a wealth of first-hand experience. This talented internal team has developed the product and processes from inception, right alongside our clients! Many of the enhancements made are results of direct responses and feedback received from our clients and their experiences.


“The Probate Finder OnDemand customer support team only assists with general troubleshooting.”


Probate Finder OnDemand’s Customer Care Team is so much more than a toll-free number. Unlike organizations which charge extra for general technical support, the Customer Care Team and their tenure won’t give up on you no matter the complexity of your situation. Much like our dedicated probated estate data sourcing and claim presentation team, our Customer Care team has a rich and lengthy history with our organization. Probate Finder OnDemand is led by Sara Brown. Sara has direct experience in the data acquisition function within Probate Finder and 13 years of experience with our organization. Account Manager, Kent Campos has 8 years of experience with our organization having previously worked directly within our recoveries team. I have been with DCM Services for 15 years, with experience working directly with the claim presentation process having worked on the claims presentation team.

Probate Finder OnDemand customers are partnering with a highly consultative team who has the experience to guide our clients while building their estate recovery processes by sharing best practices. We are dedicated resources with firsthand experience in creating a comprehensive estate and probated estate recovery strategy.

About the author


Nia Knauer has a 15 year history with DCM Services, having previously worked directly with claim presentation and estate data sourcing. Nia currently serves as an Account Manager who manages the implementation process for Probate Finder OnDemand® clients. Nia serves as a dedicated resource to our clients throughout the probate process and beyond.