20 Years Pioneering Collections: A Roundtable Reflection

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As DCM Services reaches a pivotal moment in organizational history, it’s important to contemplate past successes and opportunities that have shaped our organization and the industries we serve. Today, five industry subject matter experts at DCM Services share their personal reflections on past and present, moreover offering a glimpse into the future.

These are their stories.



Tim Bauer, Chief Executive Officer

An ARM executive with a wide range of experience in M&A, operations, compliance, sales and marketing, and portfolio acquisitions, Tim joined DCMS in October of 2017.  

Tracey Bannochie, Chief Operating Officer

Tracey's experience includes customer care through late-stage recovery call center operations, in addition to first-party and third-party roles. She has managed multi-location call centers, including new center acquisitions and integration of those centers. 

DeAnna Busby-Rast, Chief Business Development Officer

DeAnna brings to DCM Services more than 20 years of executive experience where she leads teams responsible for corporate communications, marketing, sales, executive account management and product development.

Meg McKeen, Director - Operations Support

With 15 years dedicated to DCM Services, Meg manages multiple operational support teams responsible for document handling, letter and incoming correspondence review and indexing, mail processing, and administrative support. 

Crystal Wisniewski, Director of Strategy and Analytics

Crystal and her team work closely with all departments within our organization to ensure they have analytical tools that track performance trends, identify areas of opportunities, provide insights to our clients, and empower managers to make decisions.

What is one thing you want others to know about the collections industry?


Crystal:  While the collections industry may not have the same prestige of other industries, unpaid debts can affect consumer prices, borrowing costs, business performance, and impact government budgets.

Meg:  For those whose first job in collections is with DCMS, you can be confident that you are working for a company that promotes, supports and requires ethical, considerate, honest and transparent behavior.

DeAnna:   The collections industry was created years ago because of a need; it is a fundamental element of the entire United States financial ecosystem. 

Which event do you consider the most significant contributor to DCM Services’ success in the last 20 years?


Meg:  The transition from Balogh Becker to DCM Services – with a top down culture of transparency, honesty, respect, that is improvement-driven including the creation of a robust compliance program, process procedures, and SOPs.

DeAnna:  There are so many events, but the one that truly rose to the top and showcased creativity, innovation and leadership was pioneering a first party estates program. This huge undertaking demonstrates the value of being an extension of our clients’ business.

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Which aspect of our company culture makes DCM Services unique within the collections space?

Tracey:  The breadth of knowledge, experience, and talent that we have across the organization.  I am constantly in awe. It keeps me on my toes and continues to foster my growth as well. 

Tim:  Treating people with dignity and respect; from staff, to the consumers and lawyers our account representatives speak to on the phone.

If someone looking to start their career in collections asked you for one piece of advice, what would you tell them?


DeAnna:  Take the time to learn and really work to understand the business, your clients’ business, and the industry regulatory landscape. Then, apply your specific talents and teachings to help you and your company achieve success.

Tracey:  Say yes to additional projects. Be the one to say, I’ll do it, when no one else steps forward. Be the first to volunteer. View everything as an opportunity. 

Meg:  There is something for everyone! There are a variety of jobs within collections including; account representatives, back office support, accounting, HR, technical, compliance, etc. It’s a business, just like other types of businesses. Culture is important and DCMS has a great one!

In what way(s) do you think DCM Services has influenced the collections industry?


Tracey:  We have long claimed that we “do things the right way,” even when industry pressures did not align. We knew that it would pay off in the end. Now, our clients celebrate us because we protect their brand and their consumers. Even our competition has mimicked and copied our direction. 

DeAnna:  Through leadership, technology, and our client events. We stand out because we’re unique with our service offerings. Our technology gives us an edge that separates us from a traditional collection agency. We are not afraid to think outside the box, such as our client conference which clearly showcases our leadership.

Tim:  Our focus on the customer experience and compliance are both best-in-class in the ARM space.

What do you foresee as the “next big thing” in the future of collections?


DeAnna:  Creating solutions to work with the consumers in the way they want to be contacted. We must, as an industry, overcome regulatory barriers that are harnessing our ability to be responsive and respectful to the “new” ways a consumer wants to interact and pay a bill.

Tim:  Electronic communications. The ARM space is stuck in 1970 in terms of how we communicate with consumers. People want to communicate using modern methods – text, email, chat, etc.

Crystal:  Collections via chat, email, and expanded use of our online portal, DCMS ServiceLink.

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