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Our Patented Technologies

Our patented technologies are the most advanced probated estate location and Date of Death (DOD) technologies available. Our dedicated team of probate experts have built an extensive nationwide database of probate information, powering our clients with the most comprehensive, accurate, and timely solution to verify date-of-death, locate active probated estates, and match them to their estate accounts.

Database of millions of probated estate records icon in blue, grey, and green.

Probate Finder® Technology

Managing a complex, nationwide process accurately and effectively to preserve your brand.

Our Probate Finder technology leverages over 6.5 million probated estate records and is the only database of its kind that is capable of providing ongoing consistent and accurate nationwide coverage for all 3,450+ probate courts across the United States.

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DOD Finder® 

Proactively Thoughtful. Protectively Thorough.

DCM Services leverages the power of the unique (Date of Death) DOD Finder® Database  which cross-references DOD information from the Social Security Administration, Probate Finder,  and additional sources. This combination creates a state-of-the art method to source DOD information available in a timely and secure manner.