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In Their Own Words

What Clients are Saying About DCM Services

African American man leading a conversation at a meeting with colleagues.

“DCMS has definitely exceeded expectations. They are one of our top third-party providers in general because of their level of service and responsiveness.”

Vendor Relationship Manager, Loan and Specialty Operations

Two African Americans, one male, one female, looking at laptop and conversing.

“DCM Services has exceeded our expectations. They have done such a good job both from a business performance perspective and in terms of relationship building.”

Vice President, Consumer Collections

Diverse group reviewing reports together.

"They [DCMS] meet our expectation in terms of exceptional customer service. Our expectation is so high that either you meet it or you don’t. I think from the innovation standpoint they certainly exceed our expectations."

Agency Manager

Colleagues sitting in a circle on chairs, discussing topics and smiling.

"The types of accounts we are dealing with in this instance are delicate, and DCMS approaches the family members with a great deal of care and sensitivity. DCMS is doing an excellent job of communicating and being responsive to our needs."

Director, Accounts Receivable

African American man explaining a concept to another colleague.

"We commonly make referrals on behalf of DCMS and Probate Finder OnDemand."

VP of Revenue Cycle

“DCMS is flexible and always extremely responsive to our needs. They are great to work with.”

Director PFS

Young group of colleagues working together on individual laptops.

“Communication is a key strength of DCMS as a provider. They keep us informed of what they are working on and what is new. DCMS also does well at communication for problem resolution. They make sure to involve us immediately or at least as soon as is practical when something comes up.”

Vice President, Consumer Collections

Business meeting with middle aged men, going over reports and notes.

“The people at DCMS are always willing and available to answer questions. I have a lot of trust in the company due to their historical performance and compliance. They make sure to keep up to date on industry changes and general standards and keep their clients informed about what’s going on.”

Collections Agency Manager

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