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DCM Services for auto lenders

DCM Services is the leader in estate recoveries for auto lenders, working with 8 of the top 10 auto lenders across the nation. Our 20+ years of experience and knowledge in the estates industry benefits auto lending organizations by helping to create and simplify processes that utilize best practices, enhance performance and compliance, and increase your bottom line. Our unique blend of estate recoveries solutions can be utilized at each and every step in the automotive estate recoveries process.

By partnering with DCM Services, we ensure:

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Timely identification of Dates Of Death and probated estates.

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A transparent and streamlined end-to-end deceased process.

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Inventory management by dynamic, estate resolution specialists.


Common challenges for auto lenders

Secured and unsecured delinquency

We understand your portfolio Many auto lenders make the dire mistake of waiting until a paying consumer goes delinquent to search for a probated estate. This may be okay initially, but when a customer eventually does become delinquent, there’s a good chance it’s already too late for your organization to make a probated estate claim in the legally allotted time-frame. Never miss another delinquent driver, our Verif-ID solution provides continuous scrubbing for accurate deceased identification and verification using access to our proprietary, multi-sourced date of death database.

Direct and indirect lending

Even if your direct lending delinquency rates are low, there may be a much higher rate of delinquency in your indirect portfolio, with an opportunity to recover.

Brand protection

Disjointed and muddled estate recoveries processes can cause noticeable problems with the survivor experience.

Anything pre-charge off/secured: vehicle is still on the road, account is current. VERIF-dif or PFOD for proactive probated search strategy. Even if the account isn’t delinquent now, you want to secure your interest in the estate so you dont lose your right to the funds in the event that the account does go delinquent. You’ll miss your chance to file a claim in the allotted time. Account goes delinquent, recover the car but there is a remaining deliquescent balance, you place that account with us and we work to recover it, we’re still continuously searching for probated estates. Brand protection and clients best interest. Unique portfolio because some is secured and some is unsecured. We have a number of solutions that can be customised based on the inventory. We hav esoltuions for whereve the account is in the recovery cycle. Presenting a probate claim creates transparency, allows

access to information, and helps prevent fraudulent

transfer and challenges to liens and secured interests.

The challenging road to recoveries

Discover how automotive organizations like yours have implemented technology-driven solutions to create new revenue streams which protect brand and community relationships. Download our estate recovery solutions for auto lenders overview to learn more.

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What our auto clients say

The types of accounts we are dealing with in this instance are delicate, and DCMS approaches the family members with a great deal of care and sensitivity...DCMS is doing an excellent job of communicating and being responsive to our needs.
— Director of Accounts Receivable, One of the nation’s largest ER Physician staffing companies
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Drive higher performance at every stage in the auto recoveries process

From creating a custom estate placement strategy with our team, to optimizing your estate recovery workflow, our industry-leading estate recovery solutions ensure maximum return on investment.



Deceased identification and verification scrub with access to our proprietary, multi-sourced database providing accurate DOD information.

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Probate Finder OnDemand®

Automated insource recovery solution in the form of a web-based desktop application, backed by the nation's largest probate database.

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Signature Service™

Full-service outsource recovery solution for an entire deceased portfolio, streamlined to enhance survivor experience.

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