About Our Focus

Protect Your Brand. Respect Your Customer. It's That Simple.

As the only collection agency in the U.S. focused exclusively on deceased accounts, DCM Services' process has become an industry standard for all creditors. It's this singular focus, this precise attention that is core to our success.

Data-Driven, Empathic Solutions

As a data-driven, survivor-sensitive organization, DCM Services focuses on the efficiency and tact that probate-based collections provide to our clients. Since the Company's founding in 1999, we've focused on estates for three critical reasons:

  • By pursuing recoveries through the estate process, DCM Services protects our client brands. We maximize contact with the appropriate estate representatives, such as the personal representative or estate attorney, while eliminating unnecessary contact with survivors of the deceased account holder.
  • DCM Services' approach to account recoveries honors the intentions of the decedent who, while alive, set aside funds in an estate to pay creditors after his or her death, without bother to survivors.
  • And finally, though claims against probated estates have longer liquidation cycles than non probated estates, probate claims can liquidate at rates substantially higher than non-probated estates and can represent a significant share of recoveries.